The following examples are selected industrial projects. They are presented here in a shortened and anonymous form. We are also happy to provide interactive HTML5 demos, working independently of device and browser, although for technical reasons with only limited functionality compared to the InnTrace-Map. Navigate in the knowledge map, click deeper into individual topics, use the links, filters and mouse-over effects. Have a try (and find Mr. Gross ! :)


Bill Gates did it again. His multi-million Dollar investment heliogen, a Californian start-up, is reported worldwide. Heliogen relies on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), a promising technology: temperatures above 1,000 °C (1,800 °F) for industrial process heat generated by sunlight, CO2-free.

This would be an industrial high-temperature revolution, a turning point in the CO2 debate. An opportunity for chemicals, steel, carbon and all energy-intensive key industries. Threat to all conventional heat generation. Heliogen proclaims this industrial energy revolution. Bill Gates and well-known sponsors invest and can be quoted with remarkable statements.

What is behind it? Is there really a new player and unique technology for industrial process heat, Heliogen and CSP, taking the stage? How does InnTrace assess this? Here are some statements from the InnTrace-Map and the CSP Situation Center (column 5). InnTrace parameters are shown in italics. More InnTrace evaluations can be found below the HTML demo.

  • Concentrated Solar Power is used in 3 applications.
  • Industrial process heat is one of them, the second most developed, but still with a distinctly scientific character.
  • However, competitors/peer group members are already involved in CSP: the InnTrace indicator "Peer Involvement" is up to 20%.
  • The InnTrace-Map shows the First Mover/ Early Adopter among the competitors (black flag or even bomb symbol).

Here the InnTrace-Map of Concentrated Solar Power in an extended view. Additionally, there is an interactive HTML5 demo version, in which there is even more to be discovered.
If you are interested in this CSP demo, we will be happy to send it to you, free of charge, without obligation. Just use the button below, keyword: CSP-Demo.

  • InnTrace rates the Competitive Edge of CSP as "significant" compared to previous heating methods. However central technological issues have not yet been decided, e.g. heat storage and transfer.
  • InnTrace classifies the Commercial Readiness mainly in the status "Lab/Trial". The next higher level "Prototypes available" is achieved in individual cases (green flag), with European players leading the way. Purchase solutions (red flags) are not yet available for "Industrial process heat". The red flags in the InnTrace-Map indicate market solutions for Electricity Generation, i.e. the CSP application that is most advanced, but not focused here.
  • None of the Industrial heat projects considered reaches the Time Frame of "up to 30 months".

By the way: All statements apply in particular to Heliogen, the start-up sponsored by Bill Gates. Moreover, Heliogen is at best formally a startup. In terms of content and personnel there are forerunners. This is also revealed by the InnTrace-Map when you further unfold the HTML-Demo (order button below). Discover an amazing personal union. Our tip: Look for Mr. Gross ;-)  

It is true, however, that Heliogen with Bill Gates (or vice versa?) has succeeded in a remarkable marketing coup. 


On the one hand, there is a nursing shortage and a lack of personnel in nursing professions. Robots could be a solution. On the other hand, the threatening loss of human warmth when using healthcare robots, lack of care and relationship quality. Nursing staff also fear job cuts. In this situation, the number of studies and pilot projects on the use of robots in healthcare is constantly increasing. For a medium-sized operator of nursing and retirement homes, PSH AG, it is difficult to keep an overview. A good reason to create an InnTrace-Map. After the initial setup, the quarterly update of the map and the reporting will be done PSH internally. From now on they want to stay up to date, recognize the right time and fields for their own robot deployment. In the following a glance at the InnTrace study ( modified, partly anonymized).

A total of 10 core tasks of inpatient (geriatric) care were included (column 1, orange), e.g. Personal care/ Hygiene/ Sanitation and Power Assistance for nursing staff. Robotic projects for these core tasks ...

InnTrace recommendations to the PSH board (examples):

  • 4 core applications identified as suitable in principle for own robot use
  • Tasks month 1 - 9: ...

Construction Robotics (not focused: 3D-Printing, see separate InnTracing)

Highlights from InnTrace-Map and Situation Center: Keep an eye on specific players and their projects!

Top 3 promising player (CRL: Commercial Readiness Level, CE: Competitive Edge)


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